You can now pre-order Oculus Touch controllers for $199


Oculus have finally given a date as to when you’ll be able to purchase the Touch motion controllers.

Revealed at last week’s Oculus Connect conference, the company revealed that its Touch motion controllers will be available on December 6th.

You’ll be able to pre-order a Touch controller before then and if you pre-ordered a Rift headset, simply use the same email address and jump to the front of the line for the accessory. It has to be pre-ordered by October 27th, but is a great way for those committed Rift customers to get their hands on the Touch accessory.

Touch pre-orders will include a second sensor and a connector for Rock Band VR. They will also come bundled with The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge so you’ll have some gaming options from day one to check out the capabilities of the new accessory.

Touch lets you bring your hands into VR for the most immersive experience possible. You can gesture intuitively and manipulate digital objects with precision—making your VR experiences more seamless and comfortable for a deeper sense of presence.

Touch launches with 35 made-for-VR titles, with many more incredible games like Robo Recall, Arktika.1, and Lone Echo coming soon.

Further sensors are available for pre-order at $79 each on October 31st, as are the $49 Rift Earphones that will ship in early December.

If you’re looking to pick up the Touch controllers, they’ll set you back $199, or $798 for the whole bundle with a Rift headset included.


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