“Capturing Everest” shows us what the mountain is really like

In this Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015 photo, a trekker pauses as he makes his way towards Everest Base camp, above Pheriche valley, Nepal. Earlier in August, Nepal announced the opening of Mount Everest to climbers for the first time since an earthquake-triggered avalanche in April killed 19 mountaineers and ended the popular spring climbing season. Since April's earthquake, which killed nearly 9,000 people, Nepal has been desperate to bring back the tens of thousands of tourists who enjoy trekking the country's mountain trails and climbing its Himalayan peaks. (AP Photo/Tashi Sherpa)

Virtual reality is amazing. Though many developers have used the technology to let users interact with made up worlds, the tech also allows film makers to show off what it’s really like to live in another person’s shoes. Through a new collaboration with Endemol, Sports Illustrated is looking to give viwers a glimpse into every minute detail that goes into making the trek up Mount Everest.

The documentary will consist of multiple parts, and will debut on Time’s Time Life virtual reality platform. While we have not heard anything about a specific release date, we do know the company is aiming for an “early 2017” estimate. Time has said that it plans to release at least one interactive experience every month, so this could be the one to kick the program off with a bang.

The experience was apparently filmed over the course of 2 months, capturing the trials and tribulations of 4 climbers in full 360 degrees. The team attached cameras to almost every piece of equipment they used throughout their journey, including their body harnesses and even zip lines. Beginning in Kathmandu, Nepal, the group eventually makes their way to the top, showing viewers exactly what they see the entire time, while simultaneously documenting the harsh conditions present of the high up peaks.

Are interactive experiences like this something you would be interested in? I know I’m nowhere near prepared enough to actually do something like this myself, so watching others perform life-threatening tasks from the comfort of my chair is quite preferable.


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