The classic car crash driver’s ed video is coming to VR

Virtual reality is useful for a wide array of applications, but one thing remains consistent among all of these: the immersion. This can be especially useful for getting your point across to all types of audiences, as VR literally forces people to see things from a particular point of view. Now, the British liquor company Diageo, who makes Baileys, Guiness, and Jonnie Walker has teamed up with New York advertising agency VaynerMedia to redefine the way teens learn about drunk driving.

Using a completely immersive experience including VR headsets and moving chairs, people will be able to experience a terrifying car crash like never before. Titled Decisions, the film puts viewers inside a variety of drivers points of view headed for eventual destruction. The user views the event from 3 different points of view: one from the view of a couple on their first date, another from 3 college kids heading to a party, and the third from the view of a woman leaving a bar after drinking quite a bit.

Viewers can watch the film at a variety of events such as music festivals, but the company will also make it available online on YouTube, The New York Times, and Facebook. Though this won’t be quite as immersive as moving chairs and VR headsets, it should help spread the message across the world a lot faster. If you have a cardboard headset however, the team is hoping you’ll use it.

What you want is for the user to feel what the experience is like in that car.

says Director Jason Beauregard

That sensation and feeling comes from the experience hitting your emotional receptors. It heightens your senses in a way you don’t get with conventional film, and you really feel that with the twist in the end, when essentially you, as a viewer but also a character, die.

The team is using a 24-camera Jaunt ONE array to shoot the film, and will be using a special low-light Sony A7 array for the hard to film situations. While the end of the film is apparently relatively positive, the director is hoping the whole experience is powerful enough to get the point across.

What do you think of the film? Would you prefer to watch this instead of the traditional drivers ed videos from the 60s?

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