Chernobyl VR trailer demonstrates high resolution virtual location experiences

Virtual reality has a seemingly infinite amount of uses. From playing games to treating mental illness, the new technology looks like it can be used in virtually any situation. There are developers creating experiences such as The Deep, which allow players to explore underwater worlds where they could not usually reside, but what other landscapes are present which users could traditionally have trouble accessing?

Chernobyl VR is an interactive experience which gives players the opportunity to explore the location in incredible detail. Using real life camera imaging as well as 3D modeled assets, the team behind the game has had the ability to build quite a haunting experience.

From a Ferris wheel to abandoned buildings, the team has spared no expense in making the game as realistic as possible. In some rooms, the team took over 3000 high quality photos in order to achieve the incredible level of detail available. Now that most of the buildings and assets have been replicated and completed, the developers are looking to expand the experience to be an incredible landscape for virtual reality experiences.

The trailers shows the team scanning some people to bring them into the game using special camera equipment, and shows how realistic and terrifying it can be to have a ghost swoop by your face in such a high resolution landscape. Chernobyl seems to be the perfect place to host a horror game, and though the team isn’t saying anything explicitly about future plans, many of the scenes in the trailer hint at a horror title as a possible future project. I don’t know who would be brave enough to play through this experience, but I am certainly not one of them.

Is exploring these kind of landscapes something that you would be interested in? Virtual reality is giving us new opportunities that were not previously available, so it’s pretty great that developers are even giving us the chance.

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