Cities: VR Is an Upcoming VR Spin of Cities: Skylines

Source: Fast Travel Games

Cities: Skylines, the popular city-building game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive, is getting a VR spin, called Cities: VR.

The new entry in the series is being developed by Fast Travel Games, the creators of games such as Apex Construct, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, and Wraith: The Oblivion. It’s supposed to release for Quest 2 in Spring 2022.

“Have you ever dreamed of building and running your own city—and really being a part of your creations?” writes Erik Odeldahl, Creative Director at Fast Travel Games, on the Meta Quest blog. “Cities: VR lets you design neighborhoods, construct buildings, and direct the flow of traffic—all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more.”

The announcement was accompanied by the release of a short trailer that showed plenty of gameplay footage, including the construction of a bridge using the Quest controller. The game’s graphics have been visibly simplified compared with Cities: Skylines. Buildings and other objects have considerably fewer polygons, and their textures are not the sharpest.

Still, Cities: VR manages to look impressive simply because so much stuff is going on at the same time, and because virtual reality makes it possible to experience everything the game has to offer from an expansive bird’s eye view, allowing players to watch their cities as if they were living, breathing models.

Fast Travel Games promise intricate gameplay mechanics that will include everything from economics to healthcare to education and more. All these and other mechanics need to be carefully balanced by players if they want to see their cities flourish and grow.

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