CloudGate Studio is working on full-body VR

One of the biggest problems with virtual reality in its current state is the lack of an ability to move around completely freely. Only your head and arms can move in most of the popular consumer platforms, and you have to use some sort of work-around teleportation system to move in games that actually require exploration. Fortunately for us, Island 359 developer CloudGate Studio is looking to change all that by developing a system that can track your entire body in a virtual space.

In a video presented by the studio, President Steve Bowler shows off a variety of the features the studio is working on to make VR all the more immersive. He walks around a small space with the camera taping his body and showing the VR mirror, with a shadow replicating what the lower half of his body is doing. He kicks some buckets, touches his legs, and more, which is quite an exciting prospect for the future of the platform.

Bowler notes that the technology would be especially useful in shooting games, where crouching behind objects is crucial. Having your actual body mirrored in the game would make it that much more immersive, as there would be very little that would be obviously different to take you out of the experience.

Another benefit of the technology would be social VR games such as those that Facebook is currently developing. If we are able to track more parts of our bodies in a virtual space, we are one step closer to full Matrix-like immersion, where users are mirrored virtually just as they act in the real world. The more accurate we are able to represent ourselves in these spaces, the more useful they become.

Can you think of any other major implications of fully-tracked VR systems?

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