announces its first VR title: “VR Invaders” is a development studio known for making a variety of titles in varying game types. From MMORPG to MOBA, racing to strategy, the site has it all. Now, the company is looking to fill in the genre gap with its new title: VR Invaders.

The title was made in Unreal Engine 4, and features some high quality graphics with impressive detail. From beautiful looking guns to realistic physics, the title should impress even the most demanding players.

Check out’s own description of their title:

VR Invaders puts the player in the role of a Diver, a special member of a virtual reality rescue force, that plunges into VR to save other users that got “stuck” in VR. During a routine operation to rescue a “stuck” user, the player will have to fight back unexpected drone attacks created by a vicious virus program. Equipped with a blaster that has three firing modes and an energy shield, players can blast through more than 10 levels of various types of battle drones with challenging bosses at the end of each level. Players will be able to use special abilities, such as, slowing time, which will significantly help in critical situations that are created by the virus program.

VR Invaders will be compatible on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and will be available on both the Oculus Store and Steam later this year.

Are you interested in a title like this? It seems like a fun idea, and any VR title is welcome to populate the market.

Keep checking back for more coverage in the future.


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