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Is the Rift too much?

Posted Oct 6, 2016 by Leon Charles Hitchens

  1. Leon Charles Hitchens

    Leon Charles Hitchens New Member

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    After watching today's event, I feel like the Rift pricing their "Rift + Touch controllers" at $798 is a little too much. Yeah sure, it's the same price as the Vive now, but for some reason, I feel like the Rift could have undercut the Vive. Maybe I'm just upset the touch controllers are $199.

    I know fans of the Rift and Kickstarter backers have been complaining about the Rift's pricing for some time, so what do you guys think?
  2. David Imel

    David Imel New Member

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    I feel you. I think they need to start doing bundles to make it cheaper. When we were at the event I was sure they would bundle Rift + Touch together for a lower price buy to no avail. I think that $200 for controllers is crazy.

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