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OSVR could of been a contender but is not in the running !

Posted Mar 9, 2017 by Cool Play at VR

  1. Cool Play at VR

    Cool Play at VR New Member

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    In 2015 I got the OSVR and then Forge TV.
    I started to get some success on OS X Macbook but it was short lived as OSVR software was focusing on Windows 10 with NVIDIA GPU as base system.

    Some attempts early on to work with HDMI Android devices but not the Razer Forge TV although used for demonstrations in 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

    I swapped in late 2016 to Google cardboard on UItopia 360 with iPhone but was hampered by IOS lack of features for adding my own stuff.

    In April 2017 scrapped everything to step up to Nikon KeyMission 360 with Moto Z Play on Utopia and have already had some success.
    Last piece was Ubuntu Studio started in June 2016 before switch to Android and cardboard.
    Still working on the pieces to make the 360 video interact on Utopia.

    Using VRTV so far unless others know a better choice.
  2. briwil

    briwil New Member

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    Are you from the future?

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