CyberSnake: like the classic game… but in AR

Snake has become a symbol of classic arcades and retro mobile games. Anyone who lived the good ol’ Nokia days remembers avoiding that endless tail, which grew pixel by pixel. It’s one of those titles that never get old and recently made its return along with the legendary Nokia 3310, but those who need a more high-tech version can also take a look at CyberSnake for HoloLens.

That is right – this is pretty much an AR version of Snake. CyberSnake puts you in the snake’s perspective, offering a 1st person point of view. The user can move around a room using HoloLens, and the tail would form behind his head. The objective is to get points by eating “CyberBurgers” and avoid hitting the tail.

The game also features power-ups, including one that can collect multiple burgers, which can then be blown up near parts of the tail, effectively making it shorter.

Interesting, right? It does seem a bit trippy; burger-eating snakes, exploding food and seeing a Donnie Darko-like trail around the room. But it could be fun! That is, if you happen to have a $3,000 HoloLens.

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