Cyclops Duck Hunt gives new life to an old classic


Ah, Duck Hunt.

The classic arcade style point and click shooter has influenced a seemingly uncountable number of clones since its inception years ago, though most seem to have the same mechanics. Point, shoot, win. That’s the name of the game for many of the games that have used Duck Hunt as their foundation. While almost every clone has used a similar input system in order to bring down those rowdy creatures, a new title has come forward looking to bring the title into virtual reality, with a twist.

Cyclops Duck Hunt takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where alien ducks have come down with one purpose: to wreck havoc. In the title, the player assumes the role of a cyclops who has woken from his slumber to find this brave new world in chaos, and must do everything he can to stop the alien ducks from destroying everything he holds dear. There are mutant ducks of all shapes and sizes, including zombie ducks, robot ducks, and yes, even Donald Trump ducks. If that’s not variety, I don’t know what is.

The controls for the title are simple. Aim your headset in the direction of a duck, shoot the duck, and profit from your rapidly rising score. If you bring down enough of these quacking monstrosities, your meter will fill up enough to cause a special duck to appear. If you want to see something crazy like Donald Trump duck, this would be your best bet.

For those looking to play without a cardboard headset or something similar, the game offers a regular mode, so you can bring down alien ducks wherever you are. The title is definitely one of the more interesting Cardboard-compatible VR titles we’ve seen released in the last couple of months, so try it out if you’re something fresh with a classic twist.

Check it out now on Google Play.

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