Daydream gets controller battery level indicator, notification toggles and more

Google has rolled out a couple of usability improvements to its Daydream app which should come as welcome additions to current users. Firstly, Daydream is now capable of displaying the current battery level of the controller, and it does so in a clever way.

Simply look at your remote when you’re on the Daydream home screen, quick settings, or in the Play Store in VR and a display will pop up to show you its current level. Brilliant.

In addition, there’s now a toggle in the quick settings menu to receive notifications in VR, and an option to sign up for the “Daydream newsletter” via the regular settings to stay up to date with the latest Daydream happenings (or you could, you know, visit our website).

Lastly, the new version includes some performance and reliability upgrades that often come with such updates.

The new features are rolling out in the Google Play Store now, alongside a Daydream Keyboard update which now supports four additional languages. Download the latest version of the Daydream app via the link below.

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