Dead or Alive VR features some uncomfortable features

Dead or Alive games has always been the epitome of fan service fighting titles, but many users are saying Sony have gone too far in the latest iteration.

In a video which recently surfaced showing a user playing the title, viewers see an anime character in a bikini. The player proceeds to touch the character inappropriately and continuously, until she audibly starts telling the user to stop. The only part as equally uncomfortable as the user doing this is the fact that they continue to provoke her, despite audible cries of disapproval. She continuously tells the player what roughly translates to “I don’t like it” and “Bad”. The game essentially allows the user to sexually assault the character, and as we can all agree, that’s just plain wrong.

The game is slated to be released on the same day as Playstation VR itself, but will likely not even make it to a US release. In a previous interview, developer Koei Tecmo stated that the title may be “too sexist for the US market”. I’m not sure how the social norms of different countries could even begin to make this “ok” for specific markets, but apparently the developers think that Japan will be fine with it. Though a lot of content from the country has been known as being overly sexually provocative and uncomfortable, this title has to top the charts.

While we won’t see the title here on Playstation VR release day, it should be launching that day in Japan. Whether or not we see backlash from the title has yet to be seen, but even for Japanese audiences, I wouldn’t be surprised.

What is your opinion on the video? The only thing it makes us feel is uncomfortable, and hopefully we won’t have to see more of these titles in the future.


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