Dead & Buried hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

Dead & Buried is a first person shooter that combines the best with a ghoulish ghost theme. In my demo, it was more of a target practice session. From the first person view I’m able to wield my two hand guns, or choose just to use the one, there’s also other weapons that will be available in the full game including shotguns, dynamite, and so forth. Shooting and aiming is pretty natural in this game and easy to pick up with the Oculus Touch controllers.


In the main game there are some minor story elements, but it is essentially a multiplayer dueling experience. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try out the multiplayer features, so we couldn’t get a full impression of what to expect, though we are told the two-on-two multiplayer offers up voice chats, saloon shootouts, train robberies, and more.


What we played had us working to get a high score while shooting at birds, bullseyes, boxes, and jars. What I saw was a pretty straightfoward shooting experience and, at least in my time, the fixed point of view meant that the VR aspects weren’t anything particularly special. Still, if you’re into shooters and like the idea of a fun, western themed dueling game to play against your friends, Dead & Buried could be what you’re looking for.

Dead & Buried will launch later this year, alongside the new Oculus Touch controllers on December 6th. While it’s good to see more multiplayer VR experiences, for now at least, we’ll reserve judgement on this one until we have time to experience the full game. That said, there has been a lot of positive reception around this one and we’ll be sure to bring you more details as we learn more.

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