Deadmau5 launches new VR cardboard viewer with its own app


About a month ago, we wrote about how Queen guitarist Brian May was launching his own specialized VR headset. We were pretty surprised at the announcement, and were left wondering what exactly 80’s rock operas had to do with virtual reality. As VR starts making its way into the public eye, it seems more and more celebrities are looking to get in on the new tech, and who better to do so than Canadian electronic artist Deadmau5.

The app looks like it contains a collection of mini games starring the music star, and ranges from car chases to DDR-esque musical games. While the app is free to download and will work on any cardboard-enabled headset, Deadmau5 is releasing a limited edition cardboard viewer for those looking to get completely immersed in the experience.

The Absolut deadmau5 experience begins in the artist’s garage with a guest appearance from his Instagram-famous cat, Meowingtons. Here, users help deadmau5 select one of his iconic cars, complete with a driver, and set out on a journey toward a nighttime gig. For the next scenes, users maneuver live-action obstacles to get deadmau5 to his concert destination on time.

The culmination of the experience is a concert in which the artist performs his new track, “Saved” in front of a live audience shot in the artist’s hometown of Toronto.

You can download the app for free on July 27th and use it immediately if you already have a cardboard viewer of your own. If you want to get in on the limited edition action, you can order the viewer from Absolut here. Also, check out this behind the scenes to see how the experience was created.

Are you interested in trying out the experience? What do you think of this whole musician-VR craze that is seemingly starting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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