[Deal] Grab A PlayStation 4 Pro and 55-inch HDR 4k TV for just $999


We’ve seen some pretty crazy deals already heading towards the biggest shopping event of the year, but this deal caught our eye in particular.

If you’ve been looking to pick up a PlayStation 4 Pro to run your trusty PlayStation VR headset and need a new TV to boot, Amazon has got a deal for you. In a promotion currently running online, the Seattle-based company is giving customers the opportunity to purchase the new PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console with a 55-inch 4k HDR TV for just $999. This is around $300 off the price of buying the 2 units separately, so it feels a bit like Black Friday has come early.

For reference, buying the same television on it’s own will cost customers $900 already, so for an extra $99 shoppers can get their hands on the newest console from Sony. Though the regular PlayStation 4 is already able to play games for the PlayStation VR headset, the Pro should have a much easier time with most any title. In addition, players can take advantage of the new high dynamic range capabilities present on the Pro console and show it off on their new TV. HDR-capable technologies are still very new to the market, so if you get this deal you can be sure you are going to have some of the newest technology available.

While this deal is still available as of the time of writing, we’re sure they will sell out pretty quickly, so act fast!

Are you interested in HDR technology? A 55 inch 4k panel sounds pretty sweet already, and this is one of the best deals to show up in a while.

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