DiRT Rally VR gets an official release date


Codemasters have finally confirmed that DiRT Rally will be coming to VR on both Steam and Oculus Home.

The developer has been exploring VR capabilities in such titles as GRID Autosport last year which received experimental VR support. Now DiRT Rally is an official VR title.

“As you’d expect with VR, the update will immerse players into the world of rally like never before – with the challenge of DiRT Rally taking on a whole new dimension. You’ll be absorbed even further into the game as you take on some of the most challenging real life rally locations in the world, battling the elements in glorious VR,”

DiRT Rally VR will be released on the Oculus Store on 11th July, with existing PC players receiving an update on the same day.

For those of you with kits in their homes or on their way, it’s time to buckle up – because if you thought DiRT Rally was a bumpy ride before, you’re going to feel it more than ever! When we’ve been playing it the office, we’ve had people flinching, leaning and screaming in their rigs, so we can safely say: get ready to have your senses assaulted.

It sounds like a great title and especially one that would benefit from such an immersive experience that VR offers. Being able to sit in the drivers seat and race round rally tracks in first person will certainly be an amazing experience and one that rivals a true track day.

Will you be picking up DiRT Rally VR when it’s released in a few weeks? Drop us a comment below.


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