Disney is developing a VR Star Wars ride for its parks


If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, chances are you’ve been on Star Tours. The experience was added to Disney parks far before the acquisition of LucasFilm, and has been upgraded every few years to stay on the cutting edge of modern cinematic technology. I particularly remember riding it back in 2006, and even then, the rotating seating and changing storyline gripped me in a way no interactive experience had before. And while the ride is still alive and well in Disney parks, the company is looking to further it’s collection of Star Wars themed attractions even more with the introduction of a new Star Wars experience in virtual reality.

While we’ve already seen experiences such as Trials on Tattooine come out of the company, a full fledged VR ride sounds like it entails a heck of a lot more. While Disney itself has not said anything regarding the new ride, the news comes from Epic Games’ co-founder Tim Sweeny during at talk at Valve’s Steam Dev Days conference. While he didn’t say anything concrete about Epic partnering with Disney on the project, it feels as though we can probably assume that will be the case.

Disney has already announced plans to get into the VR landscape this year, and we’re excited to see what they decide to put out next.

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