‘Dragon Front’ moves from beta to full release


High Voltage Studios announced an open beta for the VR trading card game Dragon Front back at Oculus Connect 3, and now the title is moving to a full release.

Accompanying the move out of beta release is the addition of new cards, a new faction, and an entirely new way to play Dragon Front.

“In Dragon Front, you play as a deity chosen to travel back in time to the moment of battle, not to prevent the war, but to win it. In this diesel-punk, high-fantasy world, each spell cast, minion summoned, and fortification built is rendered in a fully-immersive virtual reality battleground that has yet to be experienced in a collectible card game (CCG).”

It seems Dragon Front comes complete with its own fully fledged story line to offer a new level of subversiveness alongside the VR content. There’s also a new Silence class introduced with the latest release.

Speaking with UploadVR, the developers elaborated on the new types of cards that have been introduced with this latest release as well as the new class:

Silence is based around the concept of secret operatives during WWII and the ColdWar, mixed with elves, shadows and lizard-folk to appease the high fantasy aspect. What we get here are rogue saboteurs that specialize in poison, stealth and speed. There are 30 Aligned cards and 30 Unaligned cards, with the normal mix of 15 Basic cards.

Silence offers the Stealth, Swift, Poison, and Hush abilities that can be used to boost the players ability and offer additional attack features.

Other than Stealth and Swift, Silence also has Poison and Hush. Poison is a simple damage over time effect distributed by units, spells and forts. Poison adds a timer to a unit’s effectiveness and forces action from players that tend to hunker down and play defensively. Hush removes all traits on a unit. This is a powerful ability, so it is used infrequently.

Dragon Front is a freemium game, that is downloadable for free and supported by in-app purchases, available for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

Have you played the beta? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think of the latest additions to Dragon Front.

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