Dragon Front hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

At Oculus Connect 3 we were able to check out Dragon Front, a collectible card game, somewhat similar to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

I’m going to preface this article by saying that this kind of game isn’t for everyone, and honestly isn’t for me at least. It requires a lot of strategy and if you love playing those kinds of card strategy games, this could be for you. Personally, I prefer a bit more action. I also feel that VR doesn’t really bring much new to this genre.


While it does give you the ability to look around and see your characters and units in a full 3D way that’s a bit better than you’d get with a ‘traditional game’. Graphically speaking, it doesn’t look bad, but it won’t blow you away either.

The units you control only move in a forward direction, and you use the Xbox One controller to do that. You can gain mana to cast spells, and the more you gain the stronger spells you can do, and you can also use your powers to strengthen your units when you attack your opponent. You can also produce barriers to protect your castle, so enemies have to break down the barrier before you get to fighting the units.


The thing that really changes the tide of battle are the heroes. After a while you build up your heroes and they can use powerful attacks that can effectively destroy your enemies in a way your normal units can’t.


At the end of the day, this has a lot in common with other collectible card games, though little touches help it stand out from the rest, like splitting the field into a 4×4 square with two rows for each player’s side of the battle. This is a game that will require a lot of strategy, and if you are already into the genre, it will certainly be worth checking out — just don’t expect the game to totally revolutionize the way you play collectible card games.

Right now the game is accepting sign ups for a closed beta, which will be starting “soon”. Those who purchased the studio’s well-known Damaged Core will also be granted beta access. It’s unclear how long the closed beta will last, but eventually it will shift to an open beta period ahead of final commercial release. Once it does arrive, it will be fee to play and will enable cross-platform gaing across the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.


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