Drop Dead is bringing the zombie horde to the Oculus Rift with new levels and more

The HTC Vive headset is losing yet another “exclusive” game. Drop Dead, the horror-themed zombie shooter that was first released for the Vive earlier this year, will be coming to the rival Oculus Rift headset sometime later this spring.

The game’s developer Pixel Toys released a new trailer for the Oculus Rift Drop Dead announcement. Like the Vive version, the game will feature the player trying to kill off waves of different zombies by using a variety of different weapons and items. The Oculus Rift version, as you can see from the trailer, will be getting some graphical improvements compared to the Vive version.

Drop Dead for the Rift will have a total of 41 single-player missions to complete, including some that will be brand new just for owners the headset. In addition, players can expect to battle it out in new competitive online multiplayer modes for up to four players, and a co-op Horde mode as well. The game will also throw in support for the recently launched Oculus Touch controllers and Oculus Avatars. The new version of the game does not yet have an announced price tag.

If you own the Oculus Rift, are you pumped that Drop Dead is making its way to your headset for some fun arcade zombie shooting action? Let us know what you are most looking forward to playing in this game in our comments!


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