E3 2017 will finally sell tickets to the public, but they won’t be cheap

Ever since it began in 1995, gaming fans have wondered if they would be able to buy tickets to the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming trade show, better known as E3. For the 2017 edition, their wishes will finally be fulfilled. The organization that runs E3, the Entertainment Software Association, has announced it will offer 15,000 tickets for the show that will be sold to the general public. The event will be held in Los Angeles from June 13-15.

In the past, E3 was only supposed to attended by people who were actively employed in the game industry, along with professional media that covered the event, and a few stray celebrities and “booth babes”.  In the past few years, the ESA has allowed some of the game publishers who exhibit at the show to invite fans to attend. In 2016, the group organized “E3 Live”, a small public event that was set next to the actual E3 show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with a limited number of exhibitors.

However, E3 has also seen a number of major game publishers bypass the show recently, including Activision and Electronic Arts. In fact, EA set up its own event in 2016 to show its games in LA to the public next to the actual E3 venue in 2016. EA will also hold its own event again in 2017, but this time it will be held in Hollywood, well away from downtown LA.

It looks like the ESA has figured out that it needs to get some hardcore gaming fans, who might not have a direct connection to the industry, to attend E3 2017 in order to generate more interest in the show from exhibitors. The actual tickets will go on sale at the official E3 site starting on Monday, February 13. They won’t be cheap; the tickets will cost $150 just on February 13, and will go up to $250 afterwards, to attend all three days of E3. In addition to access to the show’s main exhibit halls, the public E3 tickets will allow those folks to attend panels and other special events that will be revealed in the coming weeks. E3 2017 will also sell special business tickets for people like analysts, lawyers and other executive types. They will get “preferred entry” into the show as well as their own business lounge.

It will be interesting to see if E3 exhibitors will make any changes to their presentations now that they know they will be showing off their upcoming titles to regular gamers as well as industry folks. Will you try to attend E3 2017 for its debut to the public? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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