EA may be working on Burnout VR


Virtual reality is still very new. So new, in fact, that many popular developers are still uncertain whether to dip their toes into VR. That means there are few full fledged AAA titles ready for any existing VR platform, though the PSVR’s launch titles are looking to help address that issue. As the VR market heats up, its only a matter of time before more AAA game developers get onboard. That includes Electronic Arts, the large game developer behind such blockbuster titles as Mass Effect, Battlefield, and FIFA.

In spite of this slow-to-embrace attitude from big name devs, new evidence has surfaced which leads us to believe that EA is hard at work developing a virtual reality title, possibly for one of it’s most popular series to date: Burnout.

Through a new listing posted on EA’s job site, it can be assumed that the company is working on something new and adventurous. The posting reads that applicants will have “an exciting opportunity for a short term contract Quality Analyst position to work on a yet to be announced VR title”, and that they will be “responsible for identifying and reporting software defects, assisting with establishment of strong VR testing guidelines, writing and running test coverage and verifying fixes”.

This confirms to us that the company is at least working on a new virtual reality title, but where does the Burnout part come in? The company already has a VR title in the works, and while that game is an interesting proof of concept, the Star Wars themed cockpit shooter isn’t exactly the full-fledged gaming experience we’re all hoping to see from EA in the future. Here’s the kicker though: The posting specifically states that applicants will be working with EA-owned Criterion Games. And what is Criterion best known for? You guessed it: Burnout.

It has often been said that pilot and racing games are some of the best uses for VR, and Burnout is no exception. The series has been hailed by many as having some of the best graphics in the racing simulation landscape, and using a VR headset to control the title is truly icing on the cake. Driving a car at high speeds with a steering wheel peripheral and virtual reality headset is something that would make any enthusiast squeal, and it just might soon enough. There are many people who have triple monitor setups just for the driving simulator genre, and this would blow almost any high end setup out of the water.

It should also be noted that Criterion recently canceled another VR title they were supposedly working on for the Rift, which leads us to believe that they chose to focus solely on the aforementioned Burnout game. While this is all still very much up to speculation, there is some pretty significant evidence suggesting that the new title is chugging away at development, and we are eagerly awaiting the final product.

Are you a fan of the Burnout series? Excited to see a new virtual reality version?

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