Eagle Flight hands on (@ E3 2016)

E3 2016 has been a highlight reel filled with quality, top-notch titles from established gaming publishers. Ubisoft is known for its vast collection of console games, but they’re bringing their talent and expertise to the next-generation of gaming with a fun title for the Oculus Rift. Eagle Flight might sound like a game that most people would probably glaze over, but after spending a little time with it during the big show, we have to admit that competition and comradery will surely give this one a little bit of recognition.

Even before we sat down for our demo, we actually didn’t have a whole lot of expectations for this title – more so when you read about its premise. Essentially, we’re an eagle living in the city of Paris, where the whole point of the game is to retrieve food and bring it back to the next. In our particular demo, however, we were competing against other players who were playing locally.

Eagle Flight hands on 6

Now it’s pretty interesting how they go about using the Rift headset to help steer our winged friend through the vast landscape of Paris. Tilting our head left/right swings our eagle towards that respective direction, where tighter movements are achieved by really tilting your head all the way. And of course, our eagle will continue to move toward direction we look with the Rift headset. Rounding out the controls scheme, the game utilizes the gamepad to accelerate and slow down using the analog shoulder trigger – while other buttons allow our eagle to shoot out an echo wave of some sort to knock down enemies. There’s a shield function to deflect those echo waves, but you’ll need precision timing to really deflect those waves.

The game is absolutely fun! Once the game commences, we fly through Paris trying to retrieve our meal and safely bring it back to our nest. In the process, however, we’re competing against other eagles who want to claim our meal for their own – so being able to dodge those attacks without slamming into something with our meal in tow is key in winning. We played a couple of rounds, and once we managed to quickly get acquainted with the controls, we flew through the streets of Paris in our quest to safely return our meal to our nest. The odds weren’t in our favor from the get-go, especially when this multi-player game had us competing against two other players, but we showed them our flying skills.

Eagle Flight hands on 2

At certain times, we were tilting our head rapidly to steer our eagle toward the correct direction, so to those watching, it seemed as though we were doing a lot of head banging actions. And even though the graphics were a bit cartoony, the smooth performance and animations of the game didn’t make us feel any queasy during our demo. As much as this game attracts us with its multi-player aspect, the single player game should suffice with its various missions.

Ubisoft intends to have Eagle Flight ready for takeoff sometime this year, but there’s no indication as of you to its price point. It’s definitely an intriguing option if it’s priced somewhere around the $30 mark, considering that $60 priced titles tend to have more production value.

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