3 easy steps to remove the headphones off the Oculus Rift

As we’ve mentioned in our review, the design of the Oculus Rift was executed well because of its meticulous planning. It’s lightweight, easy to put on/take off, and it also features integrated headphones – everything we want in a VR headset. With the latter, we were impressed by the immersive audio experience brought to us by the headset’s integrated headphones, which helped to keep us engrossed in the virtual world we’re thrown into.

However, not everyone is a fan of on-ear styling. Maybe they want to use their own pair, possibly over-the-ear ones that would provide more isolation? If that’s the case, there are 3 simple steps in removing the integrated pair on the Oculus Rift and then proceeding to use another. Just read on below to find out exactly how simple it is to accomplish.

Step 1: Find the screw on the sides that are helping to attach the headphones to the Rift’s strap, it’s a circular piece with a slit there to accommodate a flathead screwdriver.

Oculus Remove headphones 1

Step 2: Using the included audio tool that came with the Rift, or just a standard flathead screwdriver, remove the screw that’s situated on the inside of the straps.

Oculus Remove headphones 3

Step 3: Once loosened, you can detach the headphone arm completely by pulling it out.

Oculus Remove headphones 7

See how simple that is? It only takes 3 steps to take them off completely, allowing you to use your own pair instead. Just know that using your own pair means connecting it to a headphone jack on your rig, so you might want to make sure you have a long enough cable line. If not, you might be hindered by the shorter cable while in the VR world. On top of that, you’ll need make the audio switch in the settings by choosing “devices,” and then select the “Windows Default” option under VR Audio Output. After that, you’re good to go.

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