Edge of Nowhere arrives this June

Oculus is about to get an injection of cool content.

Though users are continuing to be amazed at the incredibly immersive nature of the new virtual reality headsets hitting the market, it’s evident that there is a strong lack of full titles to be enjoyed by consumers. Though there seem to be nearly countless sources of interactive experiences popping up on the market, full blockbuster style games are what customers are really waiting for before they take the $600 or $800 plunge. It’s understandable that games will have not been completely developed yet since the platform is so new, but luckily there are 2 AAA titles dropping in early summer.

‘Edge of Nowhere’ is a lovecraftian psychological thriller which has players lead explorer Victor Howard through dark ice caves and high mountain tops in search of his missing fiance’. From the released screenshots, the title seems like a mix between Bioshock and Borderlands, with a unique dark animation style. Users can look around the space using Oculus’ head tracking capabilities, and discover hidden clues in deep crevices. The title is likely to be a success, based purely on the fact that it is one of the first fully fledged titles to make it’s way onto the platform, though we expect the experience to be quite engaging as well. You can pick up  Edge of Nowhere in June.

If you’re looking for a title with a similar personality, make sure to check out Song of the Deep, the first game to be published by Gamestop. Song of the Deep whisks players into a cold and icy world where they will play as Merryn, a woman embarking though counts of trials and tribulations in order to save her father from deep beneath the ocean. The title is a 2D platformer, and has players scavenging lost civilizations and ancient ruins. So far the game looks great, and we can’t wait to see what Gamestop is bringing to the table. You can pick up Song of the Deep in July.

Interested in either of these titles? We think they look great.

via: Engadget

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