Edge of Nowhere launch trailer released ahead of game’s June 6th debut

Just days ahead of its June 6th launch, Insomniac Games released the launch trailer to its new VR game ‘Edge of Nowhere’. The game will be released in the Oculus store and will therefore be exclusive to the Rift.

The trailer depicts the overall plot and introduces us to the horrors that await. Victor Howard must explore the vast terrain of Antarctica as he attempts to save his fiance who went missing as part of an expedition. In order to get her back, he must explore caves that are not just filled with physical beasts, but psychological horrors that want to make his journey end. The developers promise that there will be vertigo from endless cliffs and no end to the warping of reality.

The game itself is rather unconventional in that you follow the main character, Victor Howard, in third person, instead of first person.This should make for a unique playing experience. The graphics will keep you enveloped in mist and intrigue as you try not to stumble the wrong way, because it seems that nothing in this world is safe, and that everything will keep you on edge.

‘Edge of Nowhere’ will hit the Oculus store on June 6th. Are you ready for VR horror? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Insomniac Games


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