The Elsewhere VR glasses can make all your iPhone’s videos 3-D


Though most of the hype over 3D content has all but burned out since its high a couple of years ago, there are still some use cases in which the tech can be used in a pretty cool way. You might be tired of throwing on your 3D glasses every time you want to watch a movie, but what if you could 3-D-ify your own videos on your phone? Enter Elsewhere VR.

The product is not the result of a startup, but more of an idea. Through a strange mixture of an app and a standalone headset, users have the ability transform any video present on their iPhone to include a level of depth not present in the original file. The company is calling this “technomancy”, likely because they don’t want to tell you exactly how it works.

They company says the app”can use motion and other data within a video to grab far more information from it than your camera app does”, but we are a bit doubtful. However it works, it works pretty well, and should be an enticing experience for many. While this isn’t technically virtual reality, if it uses a headset to create a special experience, you be we’re going to cover it.

You can purchase the headset / clamp / goggles for $50, which isn’t the most expensive option when all is said and done. When you make the purchase, you’ll also receive a code to download the application that actually does all the processing magic, so if you want to add that into the cost, it’s not too bad.

While you can only use the headset with the iPhone as of now, there is a strong possibility it will be making its way to Android in the coming months.

Are you interested in this headset? While it isn’t contemporary virtual reality, it should be pretty neat seeing your own videos coming to life in a new way.

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