Euro 2016 soccer finals to be filmed in virtual reality

VR is taking over a lot of industries. From live concerts to virtual car development, there seems to be no end to what the tech can do. Fortunately for fans of European football, soccer might be the next industry to move into the virtual space.

The Union of European Football Association recently revealed that it’s upcoming Euro 2016 finals will be filmed in virtual reality. The tournament is bringing in some of the best pros from all over the world, and fans will have the opportunity to experience their favorite players score goals from the comfort of their own home. The UEFA is planning to use dozens of Nokia OZO cameras to film the event, which come at quite the pretty penny. At $60,000 a pop, these cameras can deliver high-quality 360 degree video to the masses.

The UFEA has not decided exactly how it is going to provide it’s 360 degree content to the fans, however. They have been prodding over the idea of sharing the footage via Youtube, but their are still many other options to consider. While the sport isn’t exactly fast to adapt to new and upcoming sports technologies, the UFEA seems adamant about getting the new tech into the hands of the average fan. In a recent interview with The Daily Mirror, UFEA had this to say about the future of the tech in relation to the sport:

It’s UEFA’s goal that one day the watching fan will be able to watch a match through immersive virtual reality. The goal is for people to experience the game as if they are there in the stadium.

With so many other sports adopting the tech, it seems only natural that European football should follow suit. The stadium is perfect for a 360 degree experience, and could reap huge benefits for the new tech. Are you a soccer fan? Looking to experience the sport in glorious virtual reality?

via: Engadget

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