EVE: Valkyrie comes to HTC Vive this month


We recently reported on the fact that EVE: Valkyrie came to PlayStation VR last month, but this month fans of the title will get to experience the title in full native glory using their HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

Featuring complete cross-platform play, users will have the opportunity to soar across the stars with all of their friends, no matter the platform. While it was already an option for Vive players to use the ReVive software to emulate playing on an Oculus Rift, having native play is a lot more ideal, as it means players can launch the game and interact with the community through the Steam client.

EVE: Valkyrie has easily been one of the most hyped games for virtual reality, as a seated exploration game makes for one of the most realistic virtual experiences. In addition, a game completely based in a ship’s cockpit makes the title available to essentially any VR platform, since the user is seated the entire time. Even without room-scale tracking, EVE: Valkyrie is sure to deliver on every front.

While the exact date and time of launch is yet to be revealed, we know it is coming sometime this month, so get that flight stick ready and prepare to explore the galaxy with thousands of others in virtual reality.


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