Eve: Valkyrie will bring the fight down to earth with the Groundrush update

CCP Games has been very busy developing and releasing several free content updates for its VR space shooter Eve: Valkyrie. On April 11, the next free expansion, Groundrush, goes live for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets. This time, it features a map that’s located not in a sector of space but on the surface of a planet.

The map is called Solitude, and it will let pilots fly in and around a research base located in a rocky, snow-covered mountain area that also has a network of tunnels and caverns underneath. It should be interesting to see how players navigate through its more confined spaces.

Along with Solitude, the game’s recently added weekly events, called Wormholes, will continue. Each week, pilots can fly into new maps and use new modifiers that are very different from the norm. One of them that will be added in the expansion is friendly fire, which if applied will penalize players who accidentally or deliberately shoot their teammates.

Groundrush will also add support for using the Steam Controller to the Vive and Rift players of Eve: Valkyrie. Finally, two of the game’s competitive modes, Control and Carrier Assault, will also support playing in co-op mode with the update. Eve: Valkyrie, which launched just over a year ago, will get at least one more free expansion pack after Groundrush is launched, and it will be released sometime in June.

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