‘EVE: Valkyrie’ launches for Vive in November, new content teased as well


Eve: Valkyrie has been one of the more successful games launched since the PSVR made it’s debut on the 13th of October, and the company has finally unveiled when the game is set to come to the HTC Vive headset. At the company’s ‘Eve: Vegas’ event this past weekend, lead game designer Andy Williams took to the stage to announce that pilots “don’t have long to wait” before they can take to the stars on HTC’s own virtual reality solution. Paired with recently announced cross-platform compatibility, players should have no lack of friends to explore with out in deep space.

While this announcement is extremely exciting on its own as it means the playerbase should be exploding soon, the developers have also decided to potentially tease a new content pack.

The other bit of news is something you’ll need to wait a little longer for, but it’s something that we think pilots are going to love. Andy left us this cryptic teaser image:

said the company in a recent developer blog.

This ‘teaser image’ can be seen above, and seems to depict a brand new map experience for players. This is huge news if true, as while it is only the second map to come out since the title’s release, the maps in the title are absolutely ginormous, and should do well to keep the entertainment going for days on end.

The company says that players should be sure to watch Sony’s PlayStation Experience event on December 4th, so it is quite likely that we will see the unveiling of the new map (or whatever is being released) at that point. Until then however, players should be able to enjoy a month of bustling gameplay with other pilots, on whatever platform they choose to play on.

Do you do your VR gaming on the HTC Vive? Have you been waiting for this game to drop? If so, let us know, and stay tuned for updates on everything VR.


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