EVE: Valkyrie gets huge ‘Wormholes’ update on February 15th

EVE: Valkyrie has been one of the most popular games for virtual reality ever since launch, as it gives players the opportunity to fly in a virtual cockpit through the huge expanse of space. When paired with a flight stick and some other realism-building hardware, players can feel more immersed in this game than most other options currently on the market. And while it has been a while since the team has announced any plans to bring significant updates tot the title, we finally have a release date for an upcoming content pack for the game which brings new game modes, features, and more.

Titled ‘Wormholes’, the update brings a huge amount of balance changes, as well as content patches and the addition of multiple game modes to the mix. A new mode called ‘Valkyrie League’ brings a dash of competitive play to the title, and additions of Playstation 4 flight stick compatibility expands the base of people that can actually play the game.

This update is actually pretty huge, so we would recommend that you go and check it out for yourself here.

Are you a massive EVE player? Stoked for the new gameplay? Let us know!

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