Everest VR is making its way to Rift with a slew of new content

Many virtual reality games are created just to have fun. There are many of these titles that may not have overly striking visuals, but the content more than makes up for its apparent pitfalls. On the flipside however, there are titles like The Climb or The Blu that are made for pure amazement; to put a player somewhere they would almost never go in normal circumstances, and give them that rush that they can’t get anywhere else. Everest VR is one of these titles, and it is finally making its way to the Oculus Rift with a load of new content.

Everest VR was created with over 300,000 real photos from the mountain, and pulls users into an immersive journey unlike much else in VR. The title was origionally only available on HTC’s Vive headset, but with the Oculus Touch controllers finally making their way onto the market, Business Director Thor Gunnarsson says it was only natural for the title to find itself on the Rift platform.

This isn’t just a title port, however. The team is launching a pretty massive update to the title which they say will bring a huge amount of new content, which is exciting for a game that previously left us wanting more.

The update adds the ability to traverse famous climbs such as that of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay using the built in teleportation mechanic, which allows you to move along the trail in bursts. There are 18 trails for you to experience in the new update, giving you the ability to make the climb without the fear of losing your life on the harsh and unforgiving mountaintop. While making these climbs, there is a new ‘museum’-like feature being built into the game, which will give you massive amounts of information about each trail in particular along with who has made that journey in the past.

The game is also adding the feature of being able to scale yourself as you see fit. If you want to be huge and scale the mountain quickly, you can do that. If you want to attempt it completely at human scale, that is also an option here, although the developer says it will take about 2 hours if attempted.

The update will also be available on HTC Vive once it goes live, though the developer has not said exactly when that will be. The title will eventually be making its way to PlayStation VR as well, but no updates have been announced as to when that will be.

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