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Thanks to the significant advancements we’ve seen in drones over the last few years, the everyday consumer to pick it up as a hobby, and so there’s no more need to be a professional in the field to get one. While there have been several practical uses for drones, the team over at Queen B Robotics are already thinking ahead to fuse drones and virtual reality together. Well, they have accomplished exactly that in the form of the Exo360 drone, which does everything most drones do nowadays, but it even features 5 cameras to offer full 360-degree video capture.

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During CE Week 2016 in New York City, we managed to get our first look at this sweet upcoming drone. Aesthetically, the Exo360 Drone looks very much like most others out on the market right now, but we do like its somewhat discrete look – similar to the design of a stealth bomber. The black body, in fact, seems to have a matte finish, which again plays to its stealthy design. Four propellers help to keep the drone stabilized throughout its flight, ensuring that footage will be as smooth and jittery free as possible.

While we didn’t see the Exo360 Drone in actual flight during our demo, we’re told that it’ll feature an assortment of controls that include both autonomous movements and those done via a smartphone app. Out the vast bunch that are available, we’re most intrigued about the Follow Me mode, seeing that the drone is instructed to follow you wherever you go – so in a way, you’ll have your own personal video recorder. Now, if you prefer more manual control over it and stability in terms of connectivity, the Exo360 Drone will also come with an RC transmitter as an alternative source of control.

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As for the 5 cameras on board this drone, they’re each 16-megapixels in size and can shoot UHD 4K video in 30 FPS. Combining all five cameras, you’ll be able to produce some 360 videos of your own, which we’re told can be viewed in a variety of platforms that include YouTube360, Facebook 360, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift. Essentially, you’ll have a first person perspective of all the action, as if you’re actually riding on the drone.

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Everything sounds exciting for this 360-degree video producing drone, but know that it comes with a premium. At the bare minimum, it’s going to cost $1000 for the 1080p model of the drone – while the 4K capable one is set for $1400. Right now, early backers will be treated to some exciting deals through its Indiegogo campaign, so if you’re definitely interested, we suggest that you check it out now. And lastly, its targeted commercial release date is December 2016.

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