Eyefluence VR eye-tracking tech company acquired by Google


Eyefluence, which launched in 2013 and has developed eye tracking technology for use in VR applications, has been quietly acquired by Google. This move continues Google’s efforts to enter the virtual reality market.

In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Eyefluence stated that it will be working side-by-side in partnership with Google and will “continue to advance eye-interaction technology”. Exactly how Google will incorporate Eyefluence’ technology in its own VR efforts has yet to be revealed.

Google first entered the VR market with its Cardboard headset design. It will begin shipping its more advanced Daydream View headset, which is compatible with Daydream VR phones like its own Pixel devices, sometime in November. Google is rumored to be developing another VR headset, which will not require the use of a smartphone or PC, and it may use both eye-tracking and real-world mapping features for a augmented reality experience.

Before being bought by Google, Eyefluence had raised over $21.6 million in venture capital funding from a variety of investors and had over 30 employees. The specific financial terms of the acquisition deal were not disclosed by either Google or Eyefluence.

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