The new Facebook 360 app offers immersive videos and images for the Samsung Gear VR

Facebook has been offering a way for its users to view and upload 360 degree videos and photos on its social network for some time. Today, people who own the Samsung Gear VR headset will be able to search and experience those video clips and images in a full immersive viewpoint with the new Facebook 360 app.

Facebook said today there are over one million 360 degree videos that have been posted on the social network since it launched support for those clips, along with over 25 million 360 degree photos. The new Facebook 360 app will allow Gear VR owners to quickly browse and play any of those clips and images without having to go into the actual Facebook news feed.

The app has four different modes. Explore features some of the top Facebook 360 videos and photos from companies and major organizations, along with individual creators. The Following mode shows those clips from any of your Facebook friends or page that you personally follow. The Saved mode lets you watch any clips that you have saved on your Facebook feed for watching while offline. Finally, the Timeline mode lets you check out your own 360 degree videos and photos that you have uploaded to your Facebook account.

In addition, the Facebook 360 app lets Gear VR owners react to those videos and images, and post those reactions on the network. More social features will be added to the app in future updates. The Facebook 360 app is available to download now in the Oculus Store.


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