Facebook will soon let you Like and share 360-degree videos in the Gear VR

Have you ever been in the Gear VR’s video app watching a Facebook 360-degree clip and had the urge to “Like” or “Share” it? Well, starting next week, Oculus Video will let users connect their Facebook account and get personalised feeds based on the people and pages they follow and also be able to add reactions to the videos or share them whilst within VR in the coming weeks after that.

This is one of the first steps we’ve seen Facebook take having purchased Oculus back in 2014, and it seems only now we’re starting to see the company mark its influence. Facebook is still figuring out how to leverage virtual reality as a social platform and announced last month that it had created a dedicated social VR team whose job it was to figure this out.

Gear VR has gained some further social enhancements outside of Facebook, as users will be able to create profiles through the Oculus Gear VR app to find friends or leave app reviews. In addition, users can create rooms to watch Twitch or Vimeo streams with friends and there’s also group trivia. It seems the Gear VR is becoming a lot more social and I expect Facebook would want to be at the forefront of this.

No doubt we will see further developments for both the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift over GDC next week, and approaching the Rift launch on March 28th.

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