Farpoint is a new indie game announced for Playstation VR

The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift might have a pretty big headstart advantage versus the Sony Playstation VR, but the PSVR aims to make up for the later launch with a pretty impressive library of games that includes the likes of Resident Evil 7 and a new Batman game. Of course, it’s not all AAA games, and there’s plenty of room for indie games on the Playstation VR too.

At their E3 2016 pre-briefing event, Sony formally announced Farpoint, an upcoming PSVR game from Impulse Gear.

Little is known about this game, other than it takes place on a red planet that could very well be Mars. The trailer starts out pretty mellow but then things start to hit the fan, spaceships get destroyed, and a monsterous alien spider (or something like that?) shows up.

Survival? Action? A bit of both? It’s hard to say exactly what Farpoint will be like, but we’re excited to see what this indie studio will bring to the table. What do you think, intrigued or not?

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