Farpoint and Playstation VR Aim hands on

The Sony Playstation VR is making a ton of waves at E3 2016, thanks in large part to the number of AAA quality games unveiled, including Batman: Arkham VR and Resident Evil 7. Another new PSVR title that really caught our eyes on announcement is Farpoint.

We had the opportunity to check Farpoint for ourselves yesterday afternoon, and we like what we see so far. Farpoint is a sci-fi first person shooter set on a remote alien planet that’s home to hostile creatures. While we were told that the final release will have a full narrative, the demo itself simply dropped you into a few different environments to get you a feel for the gameplay.

Standing on the premise of the game’s setting alone, Farpoint doesn’t necessarily stand out at first glance — until you get your hands on the PlayStation VR Aim, a light gun accessory utilized by the game to help further immerse the player into the action.

Playstation VR Farpoint 6

The VR Aim is expected to support a number of games in the months and years to come, but for now Farpoint remains the only PSVR game shown off that uses this unique light gun.

My first thoughts of the light gun was that it looked relatively unimpressive, sort of an unholy creation that merges the PlayStation Move controllers with what almost looks like PVC piping to create a makeshift controller. Looks aside, the Aim is actually a really good controller for this game and we look forward to seeing it in others as well.

The layout here is pretty straightforward. On back of the gun is a trigger, along with the different face buttons that you can hit with your thumb. There is a button on both sides of the trigger for reloading. Using the other hand you are able to move around the world using a regular control stick and a d-pad. There’s a second trigger for secondary fire on the front, which is pretty useful.

There’s something about having a gun controller in your hands that makes this experience feel so much more real than other VR shooters we’ve played that use other types of controllers as your sole means of interacting with your weaponry.

Playstation VR Farpoint 9

Thanks to the sensors connected via the PS4 camera, you can really get a good look at what the gun looks like in the game world. This means looking down at your shadow you can see the gun’s reflection cast back at you, but also when staring at the gun you can closely inspect the weapon and the fact that you’re holding something in real life just makes it all feel so much more real.

Another nice touch with the PSVR Aim was that when you bring the gun up to your face you’ll see a cross-hair inside the rifle and be able to shoot very accurately. This makes game incredibly immersive and I found myself really getting into character, as I attempted to hold my gun like a real soldier, maneuver like a solider, and so forth.

Of course, the light gun isn’t without a few quirks. For one thing, it’s missing a shoulder stock, which means that most gamers will end up holding the controller a bit lazily. At least in the demo, there also didn’t appear to be any haptics for the controller, or even a simple rumble, which hopefully is something that will exist in the final release.

Playstation VR Farpoint 1

As for the game itself? It’s hard to fully judge a game by a short demo, but we were pretty impressed at how smooth this game felt. Fast moving first person shooters can sometimes be a bit jarring in VR, but Farpoint has none of these issues, like owing to the 120Hz refresh rate found on the PSVR.

Overall, we felt Farpoint was a good showcase for how good PSVR can be, and we look forward to trying it out in more detail when it officially arrives down the pipe. There’s no word on exactly when we’ll see Farpoint or the PlayStation VR, though it’s possible the game could arrive before the controller as Sony has confirmed that Farpoint is also playable with a PS4 controllers for those not into the light gun angle.

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