Final Fantasy 15 will have a VR mode, and you will play as Prompto


Final Fantasy fans had a blast at last year’s E3, when it was finally announced the Final Fantasy 7 remake would actually come to market. But not all of us are living in the past, and here at VR Source we know virtual reality is the future. What’s next?

We are at E3 2016 getting you all the goodies and you can bet we were at today’s Sony press conference, where a new Final Fantasy 15 trailer was unveiled. The video gives us a deeper look into Final Fantasy 15’s gameplay; it also reminds us of its September 30th release date. But the most exciting bit of information comes after the trailer is seemingly done.

We are shown a glimpse at the Final Fantasy 15 VR Experience. Things are a bit different, and not only in terms of the 360-degree perspective and immersion. You will not be playing as Noctis, Final Fantasy 15’s main character. Instead, you will be controlling Prompto.

Sony and Square Enix are not revealing much else about the VR Experience for Final Fantasy 15. All we know is that it’s coming, and it will work with PlayStation VR. Will it have a price? Will it be exclusive? That’s anyone’s guess right now. Either way, I am excited to see VR coming to the Final Fantasy world, which is full of beautiful scenery and intense stories.


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  1. I wonder if they’ll give you a prompt to play as Prompto.

    I’ll leave now.

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