Final Fantasy XV is getting a PlayStation VR fishing spinoff, Monster of the Deep

Fishing games are pretty much perfect for virtual reality headsets, and publisher Square Enix seems to agree. However, their idea of a fishing game is a bit different. Monster of the Deep is a fantasy-themed fishing sim coming to Sony’s PlayStation VR that will be a spinoff of the publisher’s recent RPG Final Fantasy XV.

Yes, that means you will be casting your line out into a lake that will be filled with more than just your standard trout or bass. Based on the trailer that was shown by Sony on Monday night during its E3 2017 press event, Monster of the Deep will have you playing as one of Final Fantasy XV’s foursome of┬áNoctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus. They appear to be going out camping, and you can control one of them as he tries to catch some food to eat later in the day.

In addition to just catching regular fish, you will also have to deal with huge dinosaur monsters and massive snake-like creatures that you might encounter while you are fixing up your lures. The final part of the trailer also shows that you might catch a very huge, and very angry, fish that might just eat you before you bring it back to shore. Monster of the Deep is scheduled for release sometime in September.


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