Final Resident Evil 7 demo now on Playstation VR

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The final update to the demo of Resident Evil 7 before its eventual release of January 24th is now available to play on the Playstation VR.

Resident Evil 7 takes a different spin on the previous versions of the game and moves towards a first-person view, presumably to optimise it for a virtual reality experience.

The demo update detail is scarce and it’s likely to stay that way as it serves as a prequel to the final release, providing a taste of what to expect in Resident Evil 7. Initial feedback of the demo seems to reflect impressions to those familiar with the original RE, which seems to be focused heavily on optimization for virtual reality.

For those who have been tracking the demos will undoubtedly have heard about the lone finger that has been the focus of attention since its discovery. The final update seems to offer some clarification around the purpose of this dummy finger, including a puzzle.

Here’s a taste of the overall solution for those interested:

-Go to dead end in the attic and look at the bright light next to barricaded door

-Head to basement and point finger at the head of body bag on the table

-Go to the painting of the women with a bag on her head halfway up the stairs to 2nd floor and hit the painting with a L2 attack with the axe.

-Point finger at barricaded door in the room with voodoo dolls

-Look at the mirror directly outside of this room and do 180 turn to trigger giggle

Intrigued? Me too!

You can download the Resident Evil 7 demo for free on the PS4.

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