Find all Disney’s VR content in its new Steam app

Disney are betting big on virtual reality and are focused on creating content with the latest hardware for its marketing and also filmmaking branches. To centralise all this new virtual reality content, Disney have launched a new VR app on Steam for the HTC Vive.

The app contains a handful of clips split across about half a dozen pieces of content across three films: The Jungle Book, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Captain America: Civil War.

The Jungle Book contains two immersive 3D scenes taken directly from the movie and there’s also a 360-degree video taken from the red carpet premiere of Captain America: Civil War. It seems it is very early days for Disney and VR with the showcasing of what the company plan to do with the technology not yet entirely demonstrated within the new Steam app.

While the content may not entirely showcase what virtual reality can do just yet, there is a part of the app where users can stand in a fully-animated environment and choose between three different parks – Disney, Lucas, or Marvel.

It’s certainly early days for Disney’s VR app and seems almost like a placeholder at the moment, but will certainly be a fantastic place to view all the immersive content that the company will inevitably start filling it up with in the future.

You can get the Disney VR app on Steam here for free.

Via: TheVerge


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