Dragon Ball Z VR coming to Japan’s VR Zone

Bandai Namco are set to launch a new VR experience in Japan’s VR Zone in the form of Dragon Ball Z.

Among the new experiences are a virtual reality Mario Kart but also is a brand new Dragon Ball Z that is optimized for virtual reality. Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan’s VR Zone has offered the first images of Dragon Ball Z VR that give a glimpse into what the title has in store.

The images show players using the Vive Trackers attached to their hands to emulate the classic kamehameha move for that added piece of authenticity. While it seems from the images that a big part of Dragon Ball Z VR is improving your aim, and I suppose this makes sense given its arcade location in Japan. However, it’s still pretty cool to shoot balls of energy from your hands in virtual reality, especially if you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan.


I can see similar titles such as Pokemon going the same direction where you must catch Pokemon using your PokeBall as it revolves relatively around the same motion. The longevity of a title like this, as well as Dragon Ball Z in VR, is very limited, but perfect for short bursts of action in arcade style environments.

Perhaps the showcase is the first step in something bigger for the title in virtual reality but it seems for now that you’ll be confined to a target range to try and beat your high score. Maybe we’ll see something like this in an arcade near you in the U.S one day in the future.

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