Danganronpa VR becomes the first PSVR exclusive Playstation Plus game

If you hadn’t heard, Playstation Plus is the premium subscription service from Sony that gives buyers access to a number of different titles for their Playstation devices every month. These have traditionally been Indie titles, helping the smaller developers gain attention in the space, but have also included smash hits like Rocket League among others.

Up until now, there have been no Playstation VR titles included in the membership. This makes sense, since there are only actually 100 or so PSVR games currently on the market. Today however, Sony decided to introduce ‘Cyber Danganronpa the Class Trial VR’ to the service, which, while a tech demo is still exciting to see on the platform.

The game was already set to be released in Europe and Asia later this month, but this confirms that the arguably very odd title will be seeing a western release.

The game works as an investigative title, tasking you to stand trial on the murder of your classmates and use ‘truth bullets’ to discover the truth. Though this game sounds like it might be a bit boring on regular console, virtual reality can likely help to make the game that much more immersive and interactive.

Do you have a PSVR and Playstation Plus membership? Are you excited to get access to the game? Let us know your thoughts when it makes its way to the console next week.

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