Flappy Bird comes to VR on the HTC Vive with Leave the Nest

One of the most addictive and frustrating games to grace Android and iOS was a title called Flappy Birds that sent the internet crazy, and now the concept is coming to VR on the HTC Vive in the form of a game called Leave the Nest.

Flappy Bird was pulled by the developer shortly after it was released due to the overwhelming response on the various App Stores, but that hasn’t stopped similar games from borrowing the concept and creating spin offs. Leave the Nest is one such title that builds on what Flappy Bird created, but takes it one step further by creating a more immersive experience with a 3D environment.

You’ll need to navigate through a physically demanding course flapping your arms to mimic the bird flapping its wings, utilising the HTC Vive‘s motion controllers to full effect. There are a range of environments to flap through, including Persian cities, volcanic vistas, and more.

Leave the Nest rewards players for putting maximum effort into flapping their arms and reaching high altitude as you’ll be rewarded with multiplier bonuses: “flying high will earn you that ever so valuable 2x bonus, but you can’t stay up there forever as the air’s too thin to flap”.

Unfortunately there is no multiplayer in the title but you’ll be able to compare scores and compete against players around the world to try and top the leaderboard.

I have no doubt that adding the physical requirement to actually flap your arms to control the bird as opposed to a simple tap will only take this Flappy Bird replica to the next level of frustration but will probably be quite fun in a party type scenario.

If Leave the Nest is something you think you’ll enjoy, then you can purchase it at a discounted price of £5.94 GBP, which 15% less than the original £6.99, on Steam, and this promotion will end on 3rd June so grab it quick.

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