“The Foo Show” brings gaming talk shows to the virtual world


Most people think of virtual reality as a platform for gaming, but a number of developers have proved that it can be used for much, much more. Over the last few months we have seen a huge amount of more traditional media content including movies, TV shows, and more come to the platform, but now Will Smith, former co-host of Tested is hoping to give gaming talk shows a home in the virtual world.

The project is being funded via Kickstarter, and is seeking $50,000 to make the first season a reality. The show will be completely rendered in a low-poly 3D space, and will bring in a number of developers to talk about their new games and applications they are looking to promote.

There are a number of rewards available for backers, but $20 will land you the first season of the show if the goal is met. As of the time of writing the project has already received over $25,000 of funding, so it is likely the project will be completely paid for over the remaining 22 days.

The episodes will be available on Steam and Oculus Home after the project is completed, and can be purchased there in the future if more seasons are created. The team is saying they will be paying close attention to the community reaction of the first season to determine whether to make more episodes, and will simply move on to something else if the community loses interest.

Is a virtual talk show something you would be interested in? $20 doesn’t seem too bad for 5 full episodes, and it would be great to get a consistent flow of content to view in your VR headset.

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