Front Defense hands on (E3 2016)

While our good friend Nirave Gondhia got to experience this upcoming title for the HTC Vive during Computex 2016, fellow Android Authority resident Joshua Vergara got a stab at the lifelike war game in Front Defense. When it comes to showcasing what the Vive is all about when it comes to virtual reality, this game manages to perfectly replicate what it’s like being on the frontline during one of the most intense wars in history.

During E3 2016 last week, Josh managed to do his best in keeping the enemy at bay while enclosed in his sandbagged trench. Yes, we’re a little late getting this video out, but some things are worth waiting for.

Front Defense 2

For the uninitiated, Front Defense is a first person shooter set during World War II where players get to experience what it’s like defending the front line. Given that we’re just still in the infancy stages of what virtual reality can deliver, Front Defense is one of those titles that meticulously harnesses every facet of what VR can do and it does it so well. In a way, the game is lifelike – to the point of being very realistic for some.

Front Defense 5

Unlike traditional first person shooters, Front Defense relies on realistic mechanics to survive in the game. From the way you hold a weapon, to the stance you use in the game to shield yourself, the HTC Vive’s immersive experience is utterly on full show with this titles. It’s fast paced and action loaded, so it really has us thinking what the rest of the game is like – whether they’re free roaming, or isolated to a certain area. Either way, this game is shaping out to become a great action title.

Don’t forget to check out some of the fun, as well as some funny moments while Josh takes a stab at the experience in the video.


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