Gear VR update brings Oculus Home design in line with Oculus Rift

oculus home

Despite being developed by the same company, Oculus Home would look different depending on the headset being used. The popular content store is used as a gateway on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR to provide access to VR games and social interaction.

A video spotted by a keen-eyed redditor has captured a video of an update said to be heading to the Gear VR that brings the design of Oculus Home much more inline with that found on the Oculus Rift. The new version is said to be rolling out to users in a staged process.

Despite the change to the design of the store, there doesn’t appear to be the friend section on the Gear VR version that is found on the Rift one, with Oculus yet to mention when the social features will be activated.

It makes sense for the software experience of Oculus Home to be consistent across platforms and provide a unified method of accessing content regardless of the hardware being used. This is much what Daydream VR is aiming to provide and it’s good to see Oculus heading in that direction.

Drop us a comment below if the update has made it to your Gear VR already, and if you notice anything different other than the design.


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